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Book cover for Dolphins on Acid, a novel by Arlo Gust

New Book

Dolphins on Acid

By Arlo Gust

The mystical insights and unsolved murder of psychic phenom La Bohème beg the question how much control we have in our lives. Stick out your tongue, hold your breath and take a dive into this metaphysical trip to find the answer.

Summary of Dolphins on Acid

Psychic phenom La Bohème claims to remember her past lives as well as see the future. As an eclectic community forms around her, she announces the creation of an audacious cryptocurrency to monetize her growing clout and fame. Unexpectedly, in the crucial period before the coin’s launch, she invites a reporter to her home and gives him access to her inner circle of confidants. Then, La Bohème is murdered — a heinous crime that remains unsolved — catching the writer in the aftermath of the brutal act and entangling him in the transcendent mystic’s enduring legacy. The story he ultimately tells about her life isn’t for the meek. It’s filled with death, rock n’ roll, sex and drugs. It questions whether anything we do really matters at all. To find an answer, stick out your tongue, hold your breath and take a dive into the metaphysical trip that is Dolphins on Acid. 

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Arlo Gust

Author of Dolphins on Acid

Arlo Gust was born at midnight on the winter solstice but has always enjoyed summer weather. In a previous life, he worked as the director for a non-profit organization that gives a second chance to unwanted art supplies. Gust lives somewhere in Virginia with his family, some dogs and cats, as well as a couple ghosts who live rent-free in his head. He is also the author of Paeon’s Dead and Rotten Thimblerig, coming soon from Dog Street Press. 

Photograph of author Arlo Gust.
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